Vision statement

Centre Plus “Where students, parents and the community really matter”. Centre Plus consists of four Primary schools and one Secondary school all within a 10 minute walk from each other.

Brampton Manor Academy -

Roman Road Primay School -

Central Park Primary School - www.centralpark,

New City Primary School -

We are committed to raising aspirations, promoting health, sports and ensuring that all our children have the best start in life. As a result we are determined to improve community relations and reduce tension/conflict.

We will share facilities and provide opportunities to generate employment in the local area.

We want our partnership to give our students the best start in life.

We will work together to remove barriers to participation and achievement, to improve the personal and educational development of young people and capacity build our community.

We recognise the importance of:

  • providing support for parents to enhance young people’s experiences
  • creating innovative and purposeful activities for young people, inspiring learning for life
  • being open to and being an integral part of the community
  • providing information and signposting of services to young people and families

We will do this by…

  • Ensuring inclusive access for all.
  • Being open, honest and valuing the opinions of users.
  • Putting the child at the centre of services.
  • Efficient, flexible partnership working.
  • Listening to our community and responding to need.
  • Provide access to a varied menu of quality services delivered through partnership working as described in the core offer.
  • Improve safety in schools and the wider community.
  • Consult with parents, pupils and the wider community on a regular basis to ensure services continue to meet need and demand.