Extended School

Extended schools provide for a range of services or activities outside of the normal school day to help meet the needs of nursery, primary, secondary and special school children as well as their parents, families and local community. These include clubs, activities, classes and support for learning.

There is no single model of an extended school but extended services are designed primarily to raise standards of achievement and allow children to realise their full potential in an environment where education is valued.

The services offered by extended schools can help you as parents to balance work and family commitments, develop your parenting skills, become involved in your child’s learning and support them in their efforts, and give them a broader range of experiences and interests.

They also enable you and the wider community to make use of the school’s facilities. For example, you could learn more about Information and Communications Technology (ICT) or improve your writing or maths skills.
Schools may also offer services to the local community, such as information about healthy eating and nutrition or advice on managing finances amongst many others.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Spring 2022