Letters to Parents

HT letters to parents

Headteacher’s Letter 1 April 2021

Headteacher’s Letter 26th March 2021

Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme

Headteacher’s Letter 19th March 2021

Reception PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 1 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 2 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 3 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 4 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 5 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

Year 6 PSHE Read Aloud Letter

HT Letter Reopening 12th March 2021

HT Letter Reopening 4th March 2021

Letter to inform parents how to use Xpressions App

HT Letter to parent 26th Feb 2021

RSHE Parental Consultation Letter

HT Letter to parent 12th Feb 2021

HT letter to parents 06th Feb 2021

Support Workshops for parents and carers

HT Letter to parents 29th Jan 2021-UPDATED

HT’s letter to parents 15 Jan 2021

HT January 8th 2021

Letter about Teams

Return to School – January 2021

Headteacher’s letter 18.12.20

Newham Flu Poster 2020

COVID-Feeling Unwell Get Tested

Headteacher’s letter to parents-11th November 2020

Letter to Parents Children in Need and Anti Bullying Awareness

Letter to Parents October 2020

Letter to Parents regarding Parents’ Evening

letter Years 1 to 6 single case

Letter for parents of contacts – EYFS

COVID-19 Keep Newham Safe

Letter to Parents from Headteacher 25.09.2020

Parent and Student Guide to Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Letter to parents – 11th Sept 2020

ASC BC Letter to Parents

Letter to parents – 3rd September 2020

Reopening Information for Parents

Letter to parents – 16th July 2020

Letter to parents – 10th July 2020

Letter to parents – 03 July 2020

Rota for the Collection of Reports Letter – 2nd July 2020

Letter to parents, carers and children – 19 June 2020

Letter to parents – 12 June 2020

Wider Opening Update -3rd June 2020

Wider Opening Information for Parents

No changes to current arrangements

Zoom letter to parents

Pupils Accessing Zoom

Letter to Parents online learning

Pupils – Accessing Work on the LGFL- MyUSO

Free School Meals Voucher Letter

Free School Meal Voucher Guide

Letter to parents – 20 March 2020

Letter to parents (Possible school closure plans)

Letter to parents (Coronavirus) – 28 Feb 2020   |   Coronavirus advice for educational settings poster

Letter to parents (World Book Day) – 28 Feb 2020

Letter to parents – 29 Jan 2020

Letter to parents – 24 Jan 2020

Letter to parents – 10 Jan 2020

Letter to parents – 01 Nov 2019




PSHE information for parents

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