Young Voices 2022

On 6th May the 30 strong Senior Choir travelled to the O2 Arena to participate in Young Voices 2022. Young Voices claims to be the ‘biggest children’s choir in the world’ and concerts are held in Manchester, Birmingham and Sheffield as well as London. They were part of a choir of nearly 8,000, performing to an audience of 10,000. The children were magnificent, singing and dancing for nearly two hours. As well as the children, other professional acts performed, including Rutti, Urban Strides and Beat Box Collective. As always, it was a truly uplifting experience and clearly demonstrated the positive power of music. More than 60 parents and family members attended and it was clear that they were overwhelmed by what they had experienced. Mr Kennaway would like to thank the children involved for their dedication and commitment, and the parents for their support.